Our Mission

To create objects of lasting importance that enrich the lives of children and articulate and define creative, joyful, and meaningful experiences.

Founded by Fred Fein in 1966 in a woodshop in New York State, Guidecraft was built upon the foundation of smart, beautifully crafted wooden toys for children. In the 1980’s the company was expanded under the ownership and direction of Fred’s son – Jason Fein – to encompass consumer toys and furniture, along with an ever-growing portfolio of toys and furniture for the education market. In the mid 2000’s the company was further enhanced with the mission of providing exclusive toys and furniture to the domestic and international markets, as well as providing private-label supply chain, compliance, and distribution services to a growing roster of international brands in both the consumer and institutional markets.

Classroom and playroom design choices, as well as the furniture chosen and toys offered, are all instrumental parts of early childhood education. Through each of these avenues, Guidecraft strives to create learning environments that are wholly inspiring and enriching to a child.


With an emphasis on the use of natural materials and loose parts theory, we create open-ended toys that unleash a child’s imagination through free, unstructured play. Our home furniture focuses on engaging children in artistic, literary, and dramatic play activities while our preschool furniture collections straddle the needs of both teachers and parents to provide authentic, nature-inspired, and sensory choices in some uniquely beautiful ways.