Imaginative Play


Our Collection of Wooden Creative Toys Stimulate Sensory Development

At My Playroom, we turn the classroom into a fun room as all of our creative toys serves as educational tools. We are your go-to shop for sustainable wooden toys of world-class quality for your home or classroom. We also offer a wide range of resources to aid in the process of continuous learning through everyday activities. 

Benefits of Creative Educational Toys

Making use of tools to achieve constant learning can enhance your child’s entire developmental process.

  • Through every developmental phase, we have a unique collection of toys with the specific aim to enhance learning at that particular phase. As children age, they have different needs according to their capabilities in movement and motor development. Educational toys are the solution to make learning a fun experience through age-appropriate play. We have a complete selection including toys which aid in hand and eye co-ordination. 

  • The imagination of a young child is often the inspiration for learning and the foundation of creative thinking later on in life. Our range of imaginative play toys is a valuable tool to inspire even the most unimaginative adult to partake and promote imaginative play. The range includes adorable finger puppets and flexible puppets portraying an entire creative family. You can use these toddler imaginative play toys to portray messages and important life lessons.

  • Inspire innovation through the magic of science, the wonder of music or the freedom found in art. These all form part of our selection of creative learning toys. Your child can access the world of dinosaurs, gain perspective on small wonders through the magnifying box or explore the solar system as part of our countless solutions in the range of kids’ toys. 

Your child’s imagination has no boundaries, our selection of playful tools always aims to enhance this imaginative freedom


What Sets My Playroom Apart Regarding Innovative Kids’ Toys?

Our inspiration is born from the need to provide quality wooden tools from reputable suppliers who share our devotion to sustainable and fun educational tools. 

  • Our vast library of toys delivers dual solutions to educating and having fun. Every toy on our shelves has the features to provide an extensive learning experience while children play.

  • We offer the tools to improve education and resources to aid teachers and parents. Our team of skilled professionals in the Montessori way of learning can help you.

  • We have extended our hand to a more advance form of education by including a range of tools to help with teaching Mandarin to your child. The language is a growing global phenomenon with worldwide application. Science has taught us about the capabilities of young children to grasp a new language. Our Mandarin teaching tools assist younger children to advance in learning the language with ease. It includes a variety of wooden toys and flashcards, magnetic calendars and timetables. You can also access Mandarin lessons on our online store.

Life is a continuous process of learning from a young age onwards. When learning and fun, and play and education combine, you achieve ultimate success in childhood development and life.

Fun Facts About My Playroom

As a Montessori educator, the lack of toys to enhance the features and principles of this unique way of learning has been a constant frustration. Hence our passion to provide a range of solutions to explore the principles of learning through play. We do this in combination with the capabilities of the young and developing minds in our care.

We can walk this journey of an alternative form of teaching and learning with you and your family. Contact us for more information or shop and enrich the lives of your little loved ones.