Discover the Importance of Mandarin Classes for Kids in Melbourne

There are multiple benefits to learning a second language, and our Mandarin classes for kids in Melbourne represent an ideal way to achieve these advantages. Bilingual children find it easier to connect with people from other cultures, and they also learn faster, problem-solve more easily, improve their creativity, and become less likely to develop age-related mental illness later in life. At My Playroom, we provide several programs that cater to children of various ages. 

What You Should Know About Mandarin Lessons for Kids in Melbourne

A child’s brain is still developing, which makes childhood the perfect time to learn another language.

  • Children’s brain structures facilitate learning a second language: Children’s brains are designed to absorb new information unconsciously, which they do at a rapid rate until they reach puberty. Learning a second language is easier and faster when you start at a young age. A child will experience a constant mental workout as they move between two language systems to communicate, which can assist in developing their problem-solving skills.

  • A child has less to learn than adults: Since children think more simply than adults, they will have less to learn initially. Kids use fewer words and simpler sentence structures, and they don’t get overwhelmed trying to communicate abstract thoughts, which makes learning a second language more straightforward.

  • Children have time to learn: Children can start small and simple when learning a new language as they have time on their side, unlike adult learners. By starting at an early age, children can use their entire schooling years to work their way up to higher levels of thought and communication in a second language.

What You Can Expect from My Playroom Regarding Chinese Montessori School in Melbourne

We provide several Chinese classes for kids in Melbourne, including:

  • Preschool playgroup. Our preschool playgroup for children under three is part of our Mandarin Immersion Program and runs once per week. We provide a play-based, educational approach to our classes and encourage physical response and movement while learning Mandarin.

  • Mandarin Immersion Program. We use practical life activities and everyday conversation as we teach our immersion program. These lessons run throughout the school term and follow the Montessori way of learning with a combination of language, culture, and etiquette. We have two pathways for this program—one for second language learners and one for those who already have a background in learning Mandarin. 

  • Private lessons. We offer one-on-one, private lessons for students who want to learn outside of a group environment. 

Why Trust My Playroom Regarding Chinese Lessons for Kids in Melbourne?

Our passionate language team delivers quality lessons that follow the Montessori learning method. We encourage learning and engagement through fun and practical everyday activities and conversations. We have suitable programs for preschool and school-aged children to help them understand the Chinese language and culture. Contact us today to book Mandarin lessons for your child.