Ingredients of Chinese Language


Learning Chinese for Kids with the Help of Toys

The benefits of understanding a second language are mostly understated, and our products can help with learning Chinese for kids. In fact, learning another language has been linked to improved memory, problem-solving, critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration and better listening skills. Furthermore, learning a language is easier for young people as they absorb information easier than adults. At My Playroom, we stock numerous toys and tools to make it easy to teach Mandarin for babies.

Reasons for Mandarin for Children

Mandarin is one of the most common languages that adults around the world gravitate towards because it is widely used in the business world. Job opportunities are the primary reason people are learning mandarin; however, there’s a common misconception that it is a difficult language to grasp. On the contrary, Mandarin for kids makes it fun to learn:

  • Children love playing games which makes it the ideal avenue to channel learning through. Instead of becoming a chore, children embrace the idea of learning a new language through gamification. You can teach Chinese using fun elements as opposed to watching videos or apps on a smartphone. Encouraging kids to engage with paper, crafts, and physical activities stimulates their minds and bodies. 

  • Learning a second language develops the brain, and bilingual people are better at making lists and sifting through essential information while discerning what is false. Their social and analytical skills are further enhanced. 

  • Chinese learning classes have increased by 51 percent since 2002, which demonstrates the hunger for acquiring Mandarin as a second language. There are over 1.2 billion speakers worldwide; hence, learning the language will benefit your child in the future in both business and social life.

What to Expect from My Playroom Regarding Chinese for Children

We realise the importance of creating a stimulating environment at home for children’s optimum development. As a result, we started a Montessori-inspired educational toy shop. The space we created is inviting for toddlers and children to explore and learn. Our Mandarin immersion programme allows children to learn the language through a variety of components.

  • Set up the environment. Using age-appropriate Montessori tools, activities are arranged and displayed on an open tray to encourage children to take notice.

  • Presenting an activity. Teaching children how to complete an activity via a presentation, breaking down the activity into a simple step-by-step process.

  • Language material. In order to make it easier for children to identify words, sight cards are themed into categories. This activity is improved by incorporating the use of physical objects which represent the images on the sight cards. Knowing children respond well to something they can hold and play with, the use of physical objects makes this activity more enjoyable and interactive.

  • Sensitive period. Comprised of four stages – language, order, refinement of senses, movements – children are taught these skills at the appropriate most suited to their corresponding point of development.

  • Three-period lessons. All lessons are taught to children in three parts.

My Playroom offers small class sizes, providing more one-on-one opportunities for participants in an environment that is both nurturing and stimulating.

About My Playroom

We have created a store for inspiration and a programme to make learning fun. The benefits of learning an additional language are too many to ignore. Preparing our children for their future is our duty, and we have to equip them with as many tools as possible to ensure they build successful lives. There’s no doubt that learning Chinese is beneficial for their future success but also in building social relationships.

Our store provides all types of resources for teachers or parents who want to enhance their child’s potential through learning an additional language. Contact us for any questions regarding our products or our educational programme.