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I strongly agree with "Changing the world begins with childhood." My journey of teaching started when I became a Mum. I desired to learn and find out the best way to raise my daughter. So, I did some research on other alternative ways of education, achieved both 0-3 and 3-6 AMI certificates along with my growing child, which builds up my foundation of the Montessori methodology.

Then, I realized the best way for me to apply all those knowledge is to inspire more parents.

How important it is to prepare an environment for young children at home in order to meet their developmental progress in independence!

That is where the idea of an Montessori Inspired educational toy shop comes from.

I set up the shop pretty much like a home environment, and create a space for the toddlers to explore.

People often remark how good my daughter's Chinese is, in speaking, reading and also her hand writing, consider that she was born and raised in Australia. Many think that this must have been the result of countless hours of toil and struggle, but actually it's been no more than 30 mins per week of each casual lesson I give her. Looking back, I believe the lessons are more efficient when I made learning as fun as possible. And each night before sleep, she could make her own decisions on choosing books from the English or Chinese book shelf as bed time stories. We sing in Chinese, play in Chinese, and more importantly I have always introduced Chinese Characters as an art form by using Oracle bone script fun learning card. Words such as sun, moon, water, fire ... are just like pictures that can be explained to any young children. Not only that, each Character itself could be explained with a story of where it comes from. There is no reason why we should let children think these words are abstract and difficult to learn.

This is a picture made by using pictographs of

the cloud, forest, stone, elephant, sun, and mountain.

At the same time, as more and more schools offering Chinese as a 2nd language

I feel like it is my job to enrich the Mandarin Learning Programs around the local community and later on, maybe more schools offering Mandarin as a 2nd language in Melbourne.

So, I went back to China earlier this year achieved a Montessori Certificate in Mandarin Teaching. And also brought back the most current and practical Mandarin Learning Materials to where I live.

Here it comes the Mandarin Immersion Program:

We all know Australia is a multicultural kingdom, language could really help us understand each other. Almost all schools offer a second language. And learning a second language have been proven to help with improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills.

Start a language as early as possible.

Cycle 1

3-6 years old

We prepare the environment for their development need, and guide them through practical and meaningful activities in Mandarin. We believe it is much easier to learn the meaning of a word before learning the sound of it. Children or beginning learners should make use of what they learnt in daily life as much as possible.

Cycle 2 and Cycle 3

6-12 years old

We'll spend more time to know each other and try to build relationships and having real life conversation in the ongoing program. We use games to introduce new vocabularies, let them learn with other peers and follow their interests. Listening and speaking is more emphasized during class time, and we aim to set their skills in confidently communicate in Mandarin.

Students with some Mandarin Learning Background:

We provide an environment for them to share their knowledge, teach their peers. So, learning Mandarin becomes rewarding for them.

We have hands on learning materials that help them identify characters by different radicals 偏旁部首. Also, grammar materials to help with building a complete sentence. Learn Chinese independently in a classroom setting.

We offer a huge variety of books to choose from. That include fiction and non-fiction, picture books, science, history, math, art and even cook books.

Not only that, we'd like to offer free sample sets of Mandarin Learning Materials for kindergartens and schools around Canterbury, together with our ongoing program created especially for non-background students. Most of the Materials are easy for non-Chinese background children to understand and play with. We also offer some hands-on learning material for Chinese background children to learn independently in a classroom setting.

So, here it is ! A store for inspiration. A program for fun learning.

Contact us or visit us, help us spread out this exciting initiative!

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