A book about 5000 yrs of Culture and Inventions of China.


Cai Lun was called into the Palace to serve the Emperor at the age of 15. He was smart and studied hard. Soon he was promoted to be an attending official in charge of documentation.

At that time, documents were written either on tablets of bamboo strips or on silk. Bamboo strips were heavy and silk were expensive. The Emperor was very unhappy about it. Therefore, Cai Lun was determined to find another durable material that would be good for writing including a light-weight quality with a soft writing surface.

Cai Lun began his experiments with all the cheap natural material that he could find such as dry grass, bark, fishnet and old ropes. With the support from the Emperor and the help of the imperial craftsmen, Cai Lun successfully invented "paper" after many attempts. The innovation of paper made it possible to keep records and also paintings.






《“故事中国”图画书》系列是我社基于向国内外青少年传播中华优秀文化的使命感而精心打造的原创图画书大系。 系列图画书采用中国传统绘画形式,用宣纸、水墨来为儿童讲述故事,或浓缩再现“十二生肖”的传奇故事,或帮孩子们了解粮食和二十四节气的来历,或向孩子们介绍有关故宫、长城、孔府、少林寺、兵马俑和敦煌莫高窟的知识,或为我们呈现仓颉造字、蔡伦造纸和成吉思汗一统天下的历史片段……系列故事具有浓厚的历史和人文色彩。 系列图画书出版后荣获文化部“*动漫出版物奖”(政府*奖)、“中华优秀出版物奖”、“输出版优秀图书奖”、“冰心儿童图书奖”等众多奖项,入选“《人民日报》100本适合孩子阅读的精品书”、孔子学院推荐书目,版权输出到美、法、韩等国,令海内外华人儿童得以从中汲取传统智慧,奠定民族精神底色,在东西方文化融合中找到自己的根基。 

Cai Lun, The Creator of Paper 蔡伦造纸 (Hardcover)


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