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Chunky Alphabet Puzzle 26 Pieces

$32.89 Regular Price
$29.60Sale Price

The perfect resource for young children to encourage a range of literacy based learning. Allow children to problem solve as they explore the relationship between letters and sounds, recognise the different in title cases and practice correct letter formation.

Made of wood.

Measures: 28.5 W x 27.5cm D.



The puzzle stimulates familiarisation through a condensed and beautifully coloured alphabet that can be purposed as a puzzle and alphabet set for word formation.



Understanding of the shape and appearance of each individual letter is developed through discovery of how the puzzle pieces fit on the board. Colourful wooden pieces are able to stand individually allowing children to form words, laying the foundations of reading and writing whilst assisting children to become intimate with word construction. Fosters the development of cognitive learning and language comprehension.

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