Fantastic Extra Large Lock Activity Board to teach children how to open up different compartments with various locks and catches. Perfect for developing fine motor skills and dexterity. Inspired by Montessori education, Practical Life Material.


Material: Wooden, Metal



The eye-catching, minimalist design of this product (visually enhanced by alternating shapes and colour) engages the curiosity of the child. The small wooden doors, each containing an individual lock inspires exploration as the child learns the physical manoeuvre of each one. The varying colours and shapes create distinguishing factors that emphasise the difference between each door and their method of opening, allowing child to memorise the action required to reveal the secret of the lock. 



The varying complexity of the lock functions assists the child to experience task fulfilment whilst challenging themselves through furthered, interactive play.  This activity may help them to develop problem solving skills and provoke an interest in the mechanical qualities of their surroundings. Ideal for explorative, educational play. 

Montessori Lock Activity Board

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