This Natural Play Collection Tray Set is great for sensorial, craft, and fine motor skill activities. It contains the following:


Papoose Medium Natural Sorting Tray 9 Divisions    $32.00

Dried Sun Flowers Asst 50g valued at   $15.35

Natural Lava Volcanic Rocks 10 Piece   $12.00

Branch Cuts Circle 330g   $17.05

Thick Twigs 360g   $17.05

Medium-Large Pine Cones 200g   $16.99

Gemstone Matching Set   $29.95

Natural Large Kowok Shell 2 Piece  $7.20

Natural Large Dion Shell 2 Piece  $14.70

Bamboo Fine Tong  $5.95

Bamboo Curved Tong   $5.95

Bamboo Long Handle Scoop $7.95

Teak Wood Baby Cups 2 Piece   $24.00



Natural Sensory Loose Parts with Tray

$206.15 Regular Price
$199.90Sale Price