This book is in Bilingual and PinYin version. 


One day, a sly fox spies a crow about to enjoy a bunch of grapes. The fox tricks the crow into believing the grapes are sour. The crow is fooled and the fox nabs the grapes. Winter comes and this time, the fox spots the crow carrying a piece of meat in its mouth. Its too much for the fox to resist. "Beautiful crow, how are you?" the fox asks, seemingly innocently. The crow, unable to reply because of its full beak, nods. But the fox presses on, praising the crows beautiful singing voice and asking it to sing a song. The flattered crow happily opens its mouth to let out a songand drops the meat! The fox swipes the fallen chunk of meat and runs away. No matter how much the crow shouts the meat is gone.



The Sly Fox 水墨中国经典幼儿故事绘本系列:狡猾的狐狸 (Paperback)